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About privacy policy

  • For each user, personal information is extremely important, you will not need to worry when using our website because we are committed to protecting your privacy.
  • When you first visit the website, you will allow the website to use cookies in accordance with this privacy policy, likewise each time you visit the website will also allow the use of your cookies.

Collect personal information

In the process of using the website 19216801.INFO there will be some personal information collected, stored and used such as:

  • Information about the device that logs into the website such as the computer's IP address, phone, location, phone's operating system, browser version, etc.
  • Information about website usage such as time of visit, pages you have viewed, links you have been navigated to, etc.
  • The information that the user has entered on the website.
  • Comments you leave on the website include your facebook name, facebook picture and comment content you post publicly.

If you use this website with someone else's personal information, you must obtain that individual's consent and we will not be responsible for your unauthorized use of other people's personal information on this website.

Modify privacy policy

The Privacy Policy may be changed at any time accordingly. When there is a change, we will make an announcement on the website each time it is updated. You should visit regularly to stay informed of changes to this policy.

Third Party Websites

On the website 19216801.INFO có những liên kết của website thứ 3. Đối với website của bên thứ 3, chính sách bảo mật của họ do họ quyết định và chúng tôi không chịu trách nhiệm về chính sách bảo mật của họ. Bạn nên cân nhắc kỹ trước khi click vào đường dẫn đến website của bên thứ 3 điều đó có nghĩa rằng bạn đã vượt quá phạm vi bảo mật thông tin của chúng tôi. Những website này có chính sách bảo mật của riêng họ và bạn click vào bạn đã đồng ý với chính sách bảo mật đó.

Về việc sử dụng cookie

Website 19216801.INFO uses cookies when you log in, whether it is a long-term cookie or a short-term cookie for each login. With a persistent cookie, your information will be stored on that web browser until that session of the cookie expires or is deleted by you from the login device. The sign-in cookie will expire when the browser is closed or when you log out. The website will use both types of cookies and you can rest assured that the cookie is just an encrypted sequence of numbers that does not contain or display the user's identity.

Cookies used by us are committed to only the following purposes: Using user cookies to provide 3rd parties including Google Analytics, Google AdSense and Facebook Pixel.

After using it, you can delete the cookies stored on your device and should not block them because blocking cookies will make you inaccessible or unable to use many features on the website.


We will disclose your personal information in the following cases:

  • There is a written request from a competent state agency.
  • Prevent user fraud, protect other users to reduce credit risk.

Above is our privacy policy, for answers or support, please contact us!

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